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Investigating and understanding how, when and where energy is being used is the most important step in effectively reducing consumption of kwh and carbon.

Our technology is simple to use. Providing insightful, useful and actionable information. If you can monitor it, you can manage it!

Think of us as your virtual energy manager

Our experts are your dedicated partners. From analysing your current situation and challenges, to understanding your goals. PanoServe can cover it all, including designing the right energy monitoring package for you. 

What is energy management? 

Energy management involves collecting information about where, when, how, and why energy is being used throughout your business in order to make an actionable difference in your consumption. The process of monitoring, collecting, and conserving energy within your organisation leads to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved sustainability.  


Why is it important? 

There are numerous reasons why energy management is important.

Let’s break it down.

energy management
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Reducing your organisations energy consumption minimises the associated environmental impact and improves sustainability. This is bettered when switching to a renewable/green energy source. 

energy efficiency


Improve the life expectancy of your equipment by using it correctly and increase productivity.

reduced cost


Wasted energy is wasted cost. Reduced energy usage goes hand-in-hand with reduced costs for your organisation. 

How can energy management create savings? 

Energy costs are rising and are unlikely to reduce any time soon. Implementing energy management and improving efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve long-term savings. All reductions in energy use will improve your company’s profitability however, before making changes it is necessary to collect accurate information to make an informed decision. By understanding the inefficiencies in your energy consumption, we can drastically reduce not only your costs, but also the associated environmental impact. In addition to reduced energy costs, your business may be eligible for tax exemptions if you are shown to be taking steps to use energy more efficiently, such as the Climate Change Levy (CCL).  

How we can help

  • Create alerts and reports on emissions, consumption or costs
  • View data in 24-hour or date format, with real-time updates and insights
  • Evaluate peak demand on individual systems and/or appliances
  • Identify business areas or equipment that contribute to energy waste
  • Control & reduce demand, capacity, consumption and carbon

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