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A 2018 report found that the use of energy brokers increases with business size, with 48% of small businesses with 10-49 employees outsourcing to third party intermediaries (TPIs). Majority of businesses using a TPI have put their trust into said third party to find the best deal for their business. However, this is a large misconception, as it’s estimated that 90% of contracts sold by TPIs or brokers are mis-sold.

While there are transparent energy brokers out there, a vast majority have been mis-selling businesses for over a decade. TPIs should be putting the interest of their client at the forefront of all decisions. However, with the broker standing to make a large commission and no regulation in place to say otherwise, it is unfortunately rarely the case and there are countless mis-sold energy contracts waiting to be reviewed. We are here to help businesses understand their energy bill, as well as all associated and/or hidden costs. We aim to make things simple, transparent, and sustainable.

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Over a million UK businesses at risk of being cut off and ripped off in energy sector

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Ofgem guidance

Ofgem, in partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau, has advice on what your business needs to know to help you buy energy through a broker/third party intermediary.