The PSG partner programme

The PSG partner programme offers advice and guidance to your customers.

Through our recommended partners we can help claim back hidden fees, reduce consumption, control costs and adhere to legislative compliance, strengthening your bond with your client while giving your business an additional revenue stream.

Carbon Management

Helping businesses adapt and transition into our new world by offering honest, affordable, and simple solutions that inspire change.


Specialist Services

  • Carbon Footprint Reporting
  • Energy and Carbon Plans
  • Carbon Offsetting and Neutrality

Energy and Carbon Plans may include:

  • Energy Efficiency Solutions
  • Low/No Carbon Solutions
  • Electric Vehicle Solutions
  • Sustainability Solutions
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Staff and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Carbon Offsetting and Neutrality

To help achieve:

  • Annual Company Reporting
  • ESG Reporting/Sustainable Development Goals
  • Compliance Scheme Reporting – SECR/ESOS etc.
  • ISO14001/50001 Accreditation
  • Future Net Zero Standard (FNZ)
  • Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Improved Carbon Footprint

Battery Storage, EV and Solar

Integrated energy storage systems designed and built to deliver intelligent, fast, efficient, and integrated storage systems for both grid-connected and off-grid applications, in combination with renewable power sources.

EV Charging

Perhaps the best illustration of increased demand comes from the rise in EV uptake. Commercial forecourts, new hubs, employers, hotels and retail are all preparing for the demand. Requesting substantial local connection upgrades is slow, expensive and adds further complexity for DNO’s to manage. Storage avoids the need for that upgrade by using existing grid connections smoothly to build up energy and release it on demand to EV consumers. Furthermore, for organisations that run fleets as a fundamental part of their operations, storage offers them a means of coping with the now accelerated transition to electrified transport without the expense or delay of a grid upgrade.

Grid Upgrade Deferral

Increased electrification is the driving force behind our collective, global decarbonisation effort. Our ability to produce that energy cleanly and cost effectively is now greater than at any time in the past. Sufficient energy is unlikely to be a problem however, distributing that energy and managing the grid networks safely is problematic. We are presenting more demand, more unpredictably against a source of power which is also increasingly unpredictable. Upgrading grid networks is expensive and, without controls, serves to make grid management more complex. Storage offers a quick and cost-effective means of securing distribution capability from existing limited grid connections or renewable sources, which not only defers the need from grid upgrades but introduces an asset that actively helps the grid manage the system rather than complicate the task.

Renewable Storage for Self-Consumption

With the declining cost of distributed renewable energy generation, particularly solar PV, consumers should seek to install equipment where possible. If there are periods where excess energy is produced, storage can reserve it for use elsewhere in the day or week, maximising self-consumption of freely produced power.

Energy Cost Optimisation

Energy storage gives consumers added control over when they buy their power, allowing them to break free from peak tariff periods, avoid triad charges and take full advantage of differential rates between day and night-time rates.

New Revenue Streams

Energy storage assets offer their owners numerous commercial opportunities to generate significant return on the investment. In many cases these revenues can be stacked concurrently across energy trading, grid services (where assets generate income from supply flexibility to the grid), energy cost optimisation and retailed EV charging.

    Communications and Merchant Services

    Providing unbiased consultancy for all major providers, suppliers and manufacturers and searching the market utilising major partner buying power to ensure the best quality direct quotations and contracts.


    Telephone Systems

    • PBX
    • VOIP
    • Cloud Voice
    • Cloud SIP
    • Network Service

    Broadband and Internet

    • Broadband Deals
    • Standard Broadband
    • Fibre Broadband
    • Mobile Broadband

      IT Services

      • Protection, monitoring and security
      • Network installations and maintenance
      • Server provision and management
      • Remote and onsite system support
      • Microsoft licensing, Windows and IOS support
      • Printer and photocopier provisions and management
      • Cloud Services
      • Cyber Security
      • WAN Services

      Tracking Services

      • Asset tracking provisions
      • Construction Asset reporting
      • Lone worker tracking
      • IoT solutions

      Mobile Services

      • Mobile phones
      • Mobile phone connections
      • SIM only connections
      • Mobile phone upgrades
      • Mobile broadband
      • Tablets
      • IoT

      Merchant Services

      • Countertop Card Machines
      • Portable Card Machines
      • Mobile Card Machines
      • Virtual Terminals
      • eCommerce Payment Gateway
      • Cash Advance
      • Same day Funding
      • EPOS provisions

      IT Services and Solutions

      Trusted and expert managed IT services and solutions, protecting your information and business.


      By creating a secure environment from the start, we recognise any vulnerabilities and immediately begin to resolve them, allowing you to work with confidence knowing your information and systems are secure.

      • Device monitoring and reporting
      • Cloud-managed user accounts
      • Anti-virus and malware protection
      • Software patching and security updates
      • Multi-factor authentication
      • Document and data protection
      • Cyber Liability insurance


        Deploying the latest software and hardware solutions, backed with industry best-practice and expertise, ensuring your systems are always compliant and up-to-date against known and future threats.

        • Web filtering and monitoring
        • Email security and anti-spam
        • Device management PCI-DSS remediation
        • Implementation of industry best-practice
        • Offsite backup


        A dedicated support team provide continuous monitoring of your assets and infrastructure to ensure your protection. Coupled with hands-on assistance and immediate escalation for urgent issues, providing a speedy resolution to keep your mission-critical systems up and running.

        • Website hosting and domain name
        • Dedicated remote and onsite support
        • Printer deployment and management
        • Microsoft Office 365 email
        • Microsoft Office 365 apps
        • Third-party supplier management
        • Asset tracking and reporting
        • Windows and macOS system management
        • Server management
        • IT/Business strategy and alignment

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