Fraudulent energy brokers are extorting thousands from small businesses

 Mis-selling has become a problem for companies of all sizes across a range of sectors, and poor value contracts are one of the ways this has happened…

Do you know what a hidden commission energy claim is?

At Panoserve, we have a team of energy and legal experts who work with businesses to uncover hidden fees and losses resulting from the mis-selling of power, gas and water contracts…

Passionate about helping businesses

Here at PanoServe we are passionate about helping businesses claim back money due to miss-sold energy contracts.

All we need is 2 simple things:

– A copy of any contracts entered into in the last 10 years

– A copy of a current bill.

It’s as simple as that.


Have you checked your energy contracts?

According to a 2018 report, 73% businesses use third-party intermediaries to find the best energy deals, with 48% using these service providers..

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