Have you checked your energy contracts?

According to a 2018 report, 73% businesses use third-party intermediaries to find the best energy deals, with 48% using these service providers. Most of these companies put their trust in a third-party provider to find the best energy deals however there is a widespread misconception that TPIs and brokers sell fraudulent contracts to earn their business. According to estimates, over 90% of these contracts are mis-sold.

Even though some energy brokers are transparent, many have been misrepresenting businesses for years. Every decision made by TPIs should be in the client’s best interest. Since the broker stands to make a lot of money and there is no regulatory requirement to prevent it, unfortunately there are countless cases of mis-sold energy contracts. Our goal is to simplify, transparently, and consistently make things clear for businesses, so they know what their energy bill looks like and what hidden costs they face.

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