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PanoServe was born from necessity.


 Set up by a team of professionals within the energy sector,  who have spent years working within the TPI industry focusing on long term relationships and high service levels. We soon began to recognise that supporting customers and building partnerships built on trust was a far more sustainable model than high pressure, quick-win sales that the majority of the TPI industry works on.  We concluded that we would not change the beast from within and had to look outward; we were doing our customers a disservice by being associated with brokers.

It was agreed that there was a better way and that customers needed to be given more clarity on how energy procurement and services really worked, highlighting how TPIs could be misleading and offering poor advice.

Complex contracts and bills need to be simplified, hidden charges and costs need to be made transparent, and temporary fixes need to be made sustainable.


Our aim is to help businesses fully understand their energy profile, explaining costs, consumption, and carbon reduction so that we can all live in a greener, cleaner world.

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