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Energy Intensive Industry Green Tax Relief


If you are in an energy intensive industry (EII) in the UK, then you could benefit from green tax relief schemes to protect you from added charges on electricity bills, allowing you to remain competitive in international markets. Eligibility criteria and reporting structures can be complex, but the financial benefits are often significant. If eligible, we the relief schemes are entered as quickly and cost effectively as possible to receive optimum benefits. We carry out all eligibility assessments, data management, calculations and reporting required.

The compensation and exemption schemes relate to the Renewables Obligation (RO) and Feed-In Tariff (FIT) charges, EU ETS and Carbon Price Support (CPS), as well as Contracts for Difference (CfD) charges part of the Electricity Market Reform.

Discover if you fit the criteria:

  • You must manufacture a product in the UK
  • You must operate in an eligible sector (Energy Intensive Industry)
  • You company must pass a test based on electricity use and profitability

We will guide your organisation through the eligibility assessment and implement each step of the process. Our services are simple, transparent, and sustainable thereby removing the administrative burden from you, enabling you to simply receive the financial benefits.


Mineralogical and Metallurgical Climate Change Levy Exemption

Certain mineralogical and metallurgical processes can be eligible for up to 100% exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL). These exemptions ensure the UK tax treatment of highly energy intensive processes is in line with tax treatments elsewhere in the EU, thereby reducing any distortion of competition. While CCL rates have increased sharply in recent years and represent a significant proportion of electricity and gas unit costs, there may be significant savings for your site, which can be backdated for 4 years.

This scheme, known as Min-Met exemption, offers significant benefits over the more well-known Climate Change Agreements:

  • Up to 100% CCL exemption (more than a Climate Change Agreement)
  • No energy and carbon reduction targets to achieve
  • No fees to your sector association to obtain your savings
  • Exemption can be backdated 4 years securing sizeable savings


Do you already have a Climate Change Agreement?

There is an overlap between sites eligible for mineralogical and metallurgical CCL exemption and Climate Change Agreements. However, with larger exemptions for Min-Met processes, it may be beneficial to weigh your options. The lack of sector fees and potential carbon costs associated with reduction targets, in tandem with backdated savings, could indicate a change is needed. If your site qualifies, PanoServe’s experienced team is here to help you identify the most appropriate strategy and to handle the process of attaining your exemption.

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