Do you know what a hidden commission energy claim is?

What we Offer

At Panoserve, we have a team of energy and legal experts who work with businesses to uncover hidden fees and losses resulting from the mis-selling of power, gas and water contracts.

The produced power market is complicated, with over 2,000 brokers involved in the sale of energy solutions to enterprises. We have discovered a significant number of models of hidden charges and various sorts of mis-selling within the industry.

We’re here to help businesses understand the kind of transactions they’ve agreed to and recuperate money when they’ve been overcharged.

Our goal is to transform the retail business energy so that brokers can eliminate bad business and become more transparent.

We have a simple procedure that allows us to check whether you are eligible – we do all the legwork for you!

For more information about our business energy claims, please contact us on 03330151197 or alternatively click the button below to start your claim.

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