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Contract Review and Challenge

We identify any hidden charges in your current or historical energy contracts including broker fees or potential mis-billing from suppliers, and a no win no fee agreement with our partner solicitors, allows you to confidently seek the compensation you are owed.

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Transparent Ethical Procurement

Our goal is to help you understand and navigate the complexities of energy contracts, helping you to pick the correct procurement strategy and ensuring you understand all charges and associated costs including our own fees.

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Net Zero

We will help you stride towards Net Zero targets. The UK became the world’s first major economy to set a target of being Net zero by 2050 we can be key partners in helping you reach that target and at the same time reduce your costs.

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Monitor and Manage

Investigating and understanding how, when and where energy is being used is the most important step in effectively reducing consumption of kwh and carbon. We analyse your current usage and design the right energy package to help reduce your costs, consumption and carbon emissions.

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Energy Services and Products

We work with partners to provide uncomplicated solutions to finance energy projects, from bespoke solutions to applying for government funding. 

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We’ll make sure you aren’t caught out by legislative changes. And the good news is, our expertise means you’ll get the best out of the legislation, thereby reducing your financial outlay.

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